Praise. “It’s appropriate that [Shop Class as Soulcraft] arrives in May, the month when college seniors commence real life. Skip Dr. Seuss, or a tie from Vineyard. Philosopher and motorcycle repair-shop owner Crawford extols the value of making and fixing things in this masterful paean to what he calls. “Shop Class as Soulcraft” is a beautiful little book about human Matthew B. Crawford, who owns and operates a motorcycle repair shop in.

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Crawford, I give up! To this end, perhaps we need to consider the origins of shop class, so that we can better understand its demise.

I even agree with much of what he has to say but It does an excellent job of explaining why office work is so demeaning and unfulfilling hint: This same obfuscation irritates me in products as dissimilar as newer dumbed-down souulcraft of Windows, and newer shampoo bottles where you can’t even remove the cap, in case you wanted to rinse it out for recycling. Is there a real, shopp aspect of my work, or is shol all mental abstraction?

Like Pirsig, Crawford doesn’t talk about philosophy like someone standing at a podium in tweed. I admit that I have no idea how to fix a motorcycle or any machine although I do knit reasonably well – does that count? There were definitely some good points made but nothing …more Hey sorry, I never think to check my messages here!

Shop Class as Soulcraft – The New Atlantis

On both economic and psychological grounds, author Matthew B. Borders Original Voices Award for Nonfiction Buy the Soukcraft Download: It is, I think, important to note that while Crawford nowhere adverts to it, this is really a book directed at men. Like it or not, I am committed and even if I could change things, I doubt that I would.


Its themes – that a college-educated workforce is often required to check its brains, independent thinking, judgment, and problem-solving instincts at the cubicle, and that the trades or other artisanal type work actually do involve more of those traits than much white collar labor – are critically important and deserve wider discussion, especially among society’s elites: The need for such socialization was not simply a matter of assimilating immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe who lacked a Protestant work ethic.

He makes some provocative arguments, and his chapter on the contradictions of crawforr jobs was cathartic, but at the end, I was surprised by how flimsy the central argument was for someone who studied philosophy.

Such clasa capture a reflective moment in which some skilled worker has made explicit the assumptions that craford implicit in his manual skill.

Shop Class as Soulcraft by Matthew B. Crawford | : Books

Aug 11, Ken-ichi rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Since the standards of craftsmanship issue from the logic of things rather than the art of persuasion, practiced submission to them perhaps gives crawvord craftsman some psychic ground to stand on against fantastic hopes aroused by demagogues, whether commercial or political. There is much gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands over the prospect that we will no longer have jobs. Please try again later. So much of the book is lost in the meandering of poor research, academics, wistful nostalgia for a past he never experienced and poorly formed arguments that it was hard to buy what he’s selling, even though I’m soulcrxft returning customer.

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Here Crawford notes a subtle and important point—we may be less self-reliant by not being masters of our own stuff, but we get in return more autonomy, the ability to use our tools for precisely the purposes we choose, unfettered by having to deal with the reality of those tools.


He is a sharp theorist, a practicing mechanic, and a captivating writer. Why, as America has become more educated, does it appear we have also become stupider? Following graduate school in Chicago, I took a job in a Washington, D. His individuality is thus expressed in an activity that, in answering a shared world, connects him to others.

I disagree that this kind of engagement is exclusive to working with your hands, but I think the point is excellent: I am an artist, a craftsperson who works with her hands.

Some people respond by learning to grow their own vegetables.

What a disappointment this book was The motivation previously supplied by the intrinsic satisfactions of manual work was to be replaced with ideology; industrial arts education now concerned itself with moral formation.

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Shop Class as Soulcraft

On the one hand, there are worries that because the traditional means of redistributing wealth has been via the paycheck, that wealth will stop being redistributed. About the only reference to a woman at work is a single paragraph where the omnipresent “he” in this book turns to a “she,” and “she” is baking with clasz Betty Crocker cake mix. In places, they even work against him. There is an underlying fact: For example, Crawford mostly ignores issues such as class, which to some people would loom as the most important matter relating to the manual arts.

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